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What standard should excavator cab meet?

Release time:2021-04-26 10:27popularity:
        Excavator cab is the key of excavator. Only select qualified excavator cab, can ensure the driver's safety and use effect. So, what standard does the excavator cab need to meet? Let's take a look at the details below. In order to ensure that the driver has a good vision, the layout of the cab equipment should not affect the vision. The control lever or handle (wheel) of the controller shall be as accurate, reliable, convenient and labor-saving as possible. Anti corrosion and heat preservation measures shall be taken for the excavator cab working in high temperature or severe cold environment. If there is dust or harmful gas, the enclosed cab with dust-proof and anti-virus device should also be used. The cab shall be provided with reasonable lighting and wood or insulated rubber floor to provide a comfortable and safe working environment for the driver. Above the cab, the hatch leading to the trolley platform shall be equipped with safety devices. When the hatch is closed, the excavator can be powered on. The door of the cab shall be designed to open inward or push to one side. Safety devices shall be installed on the doors. The excavator can only be started when the door is closed. The thickness of the glass installed in the excavator cab shall not be less than 5mm and can only be removed inward. The room shall be equipped with fire extinguisher and alarm device.
        How to clean the dirt in the excavator cab? When the sealing strip of excavator cab is stained, clean it with cleaning agent. The surface of excavator cab body is rough, which indicates that there are carbon particles or dust particles on the body. At this point, purified clay can be used to eliminate it. When grinding, add enough water and stick dust particles to make the surface smooth. When the bumper of excavator cab is stained with oil or white, it can be cleaned with a hard brush and sprayed with leather curing agent after drying to make the bumper as bright as new. If the tires and rims of the excavator cab are contaminated by oil, you can use detergent or detergent to clean them first, and then spray tire curing agent on them. In this way, you can have the same black and beautiful tires and rims as the new tires.
       The paint film of excavator cab will evaporate the oil into the air from time to time under the reflection of ultraviolet light of the sun, so as to maintain its own function. Over time, the oil on the paint will burn off. The brightness and depth of the paint surface are greatly reduced, so that the paint surface gradually turns white and forms an oxide layer. Sometimes, cracks will appear due to the quality of touch up paint. More wax can reduce paint cracking. Stop the inspection of the excavator cab regularly, find out the potential problems in time, prevent them from happening, and let you know more and more about your excavator habits, adjust to a better state. Check the oil and brake oil, if there is no oil, replenish it in time. Check the chassis of excavator cab for oil and water leakage.
       Check the tire pressure, tread wear and nut looseness of the excavator. If you feel drifting or rocking while driving the excavator, you should go to the maintenance station for four-wheel alignment or dynamic balance check. Check whether the fan belt is damaged or broken, and adjust the tightness of the belt. Check the wiring harness connection for cracks, looseness, poor contact, etc., and pay attention not to replace the coolant with clean water. In the process of driving, due to friction, there is a strong static layer in the excavator cab. Electrostatic has strong adsorption capacity for dust, oil and chemical dust. After a long time, it will form a hard traffic film, which is easy to cause oxidation and corrosion of the paint. It can be polished. Cracking: if the paint surface of the excavator cab is not properly maintained, small cracks may occur in the metallic paint, which will continue to penetrate the car paint until it "penetrates" the entire colored paint layer. This phenomenon is called cracking. Sometimes cracks may occur due to the quality of the touch up paint. More wax can reduce paint cracking. Regular inspection of the excavator cab, timely detection of potential failures, prevention, while allowing you to better understand their excavator habits, adjust to a better state.