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Fault and troubleshooting of rotary motor of Komatsu excavat

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         The rotary motor of Komatsu excavator is the key component of the rotary mechanism, which can convert the oil pressure provided by the main pump into mechanical energy and input it to the gearbox. Its working performance will directly affect the rotary speed, driving torque, rotary parking and parking brake of the whole machine, which is the key to determine the productivity of the whole machine. Rotary motor is divided into low speed high torque motor and high speed rotary motor. Low speed and high torque motor is seldom used in the slewing mechanism of modern excavators because of its large volume and heavy weight, while high speed slewing motor is widely used because of its small volume and light weight, which is convenient for the reasonable layout of slewing mechanism and can meet the requirements of different slewing speeds and torques. The rotary motor consists of a cylinder body, a plunger, a slipper, a pressure plate and an output shaft, a brake assembly, a rotary brake control valve, a pressure plate, a friction plate, a brake piston and a brake spring, an overflow valve and an oil supplement valve, and a rotary damping valve composed of an overflow valve and a one-way valve.
Rotary motor of Komatsu excavator
          Excavator rotary motor fault and troubleshooting, rotary relief valve (safety relief valve), generally in the rotary motor valve cover two protruding one-way valves, rotary normal work, the valve closed, only when the load exceeds the specified limit (system pressure exceeds the set pressure) open overflow, overload protection, so that the rotary pressure does not increase, It plays the role of protecting the rotary motor. When there is a fault, it is fast while slow, or the speed is too slow. The delay valve is also called brake valve or parking brake valve (some manufacturers have rotary brake solenoid valve). As the name suggests, it controls the brake. If the machine needs to stop during driving, the weight of the machine may cause unconscious sliding. Connecting the delay valve (brake valve) can prevent the machine from unconscious sliding. In general, it is the extra square of the rotary motor. When there is a fault, there will be no rotation, or very slow, or slow for a while. At this time, the delay valve can be removed for cleaning, which can generally solve the problem. Dirty hydraulic oil can also cause this fault. The make-up valve (make-up valve) protects the rotary motor by providing return oil to the rotary motor to prevent cavitation in the rotary motor. The fault phenomenon is slow acceleration and slow speed.
          Plunger, valve plate and brake pad are the main internal components of rotary motor, and also the main power source of rotary motor. The fault phenomenon is that the clearance between plunger and cylinder plug hole is increased, resulting in serious clearance leakage. The plunger needs to be replaced. The return spring is fatigued and the elastic force decreases, which leads to the collusion of the high and low pressure oil circuits of the cylinder block. The spring needs to be replaced. The wear of slipper and plunger accelerates the dry sliding friction between slipper and bearing plate, resulting in the increase of rotary resistance. It needs to be repaired or replaced. The slewing motor bearing is damaged, and the bearing cannot be positioned. It is necessary to replace the bearing of specified model. The oil distribution surface of valve plate and cylinder block is worn, resulting in internal leakage and weak rotation. It needs to be repaired or replaced. The aging failure of parking brake pad leads to the brake can not be completely released and the turning resistance increases. The sealing element must be replaced.
Rotary motor of Komatsu excavator
         Adjust the oil discharge steps of the rotary motor to make the upper rotary platform rotate. Check the performance of the rotary motor by measuring the oil discharge amount at this time. When measuring, we should not only ensure the safety of the surveyors, but also pay attention to the surrounding safety. The oil displacement of the rotary motor is greatly affected by the oil temperature, so please keep a certain oil temperature. Set the hydraulic oil temperature to 50 ± five ° C(122 ± nine ° F)。 Make the rotary motor run and preheat the inside of the motor. Shut down the engine and press the exhaust valve of the oil supply cap to exhaust the air in the hydraulic tank. Remove the oil drain hose on the oil drain port of the rotary motor from the side of the rotary motor, and install the cock (9 / 16-18unf) onto the removed oil drain hose. Install the measuring oil drain hose on the side of the rotary motor.