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Problems in the design of excavator cab

Release time:2021-06-24 11:44popularity:
         Excavator cab must be ventilated, but we also know that the working environment of the excavator is relatively bad, so if the ventilation measures are not good, it may bring some harm to the driver. So, what measures should be taken for excavator cab ventilation? Now let's take a look at the introduction of professional manufacturers. Excavator cab ventilation adopts natural ventilation mode, which is the air pressure difference caused by the relative movement of vehicles in the process of driving or working. When the excavator cab works at low speed or fixed position, especially in the case of large dust, it is not suitable to adopt the natural ventilation measures based on the air pressure difference caused by speed. Forced ventilation is the use of fans to send fresh air into the room, which needs energy and equipment. The cab of fully enclosed excavator equipped with heating and cooling equipment usually adopts the combined device of ventilation, heating and cooling.
Excavator cab
        What should be paid attention to in front window design of excavator cab? The parameters of the movable front window influence each other. The design parameters should be determined in the order of important, secondary and unimportant, and then fine tuned. By increasing the slope of the lower guide rail, increasing the height of P point and moving the position of o point forward, the rebound phenomenon of the sealing rubber can be reduced or avoided. The strength of gas spring should be selected correctly, and the movable window should provide appropriate pressure when opening and closing. The windows shall be designed with special structure to balance the stress at both ends. The double spring structure should ensure that the two springs exert the same force at the same time, reduce the weight of the movable window frame as far as possible, and improve its torsional strength. Small manufacturing or assembly error will lead to large deviation of key points, so the subsequent assembly compensation of key point error should be considered in the design stage. 
         The cab vibration of construction machinery excavator is abnormal. First, check whether the shock absorbers at the four corners of the cab are loose. When the shock absorber screw is loose, the vibration of the cab is abnormal, especially when the engine speed is high, the shaking of the cab and the surrounding glass is particularly obvious. Therefore, the vibration can be eliminated by tightening the screws of the shock absorber. Boom shaking is mainly the sound of the cylinder. At this time, check the boom check valve for wear. If so, when the hydraulic oil is delivered to the boom cylinder through the valve core, the action will be incoherent, and the amplitude of the boom will increase with the increase of the action frequency. When there is a hook sound in the rotating parts, there will be slight vibration in the cab, which is caused by impurities between gears or gear fracture.
Excavator cab
          When rotating to a fixed position, abnormal vibration occurs, indicating that the rotating motor vibrates. It is recommended to check the gear oil and grease for impurities or iron filings. First, check whether the main pressure is normal and whether it matches the engine power. The two output oil pipes of the second hydraulic pump shake, check whether the regulator sends out, and check whether the safety lock solenoid valve switch is in place. Check whether there is metal powder in the hydraulic oil tank and oil return filter element, and judge the wear condition of plunger. Three pilot oil pipes shake, check whether the pilot filter element and the connection with the filter screen are blocked, and clean them with diesel regularly. First, check the four engine gaskets for damage. If so, the vibration of the engine will be very obvious. Solution: replace the machine foot pad to ensure the engine balance. When the second engine starts to shake, check the cylinder block for failure. After the temperature drops, you can touch the place where the high-pressure oil enters the cylinder block to see if there is a temperature difference. Reconfirm whether the injector and piston ring are worn. If the above two components are damaged, the injection time and injection volume are inconsistent, which will also cause jitter.