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Working principle of rotary motor of Komatsu excavator

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        The slewing mechanism of excavator is a special working system to ensure the 360 degree rotation of the cockpit. The slewing mechanism of excavator includes slewing motor, slewing drive and slewing control. The rotation time of the rotary mechanism accounts for about 50-70% of the whole working cycle time, the energy consumption accounts for about 25-40%, and the calorific value of the rotary hydraulic oil circuit accounts for about 30-40% of the total calorific value of the hydraulic system. The basic requirement of slewing mechanism is to shorten the slewing period as much as possible on the premise that the slewing torque and acceleration do not exceed the allowable value. Xinsong introduces the key parts of the rotary motor. The rotary motor is the key part of the rotary mechanism, which converts the oil pressure provided by the main pump into mechanical energy to input into the gearbox. Its working performance will directly affect the speed, driving torque, rotary parking and parking brake of the whole machine, which is the key to determine the productivity of the whole machine.
Rotary motor of Komatsu excavator
        Rotating motor is divided into low-speed high torque motor and high-speed rotating motor. In the slewing mechanism of modern excavator, low-speed high torque motor is rarely used because of its large volume and heavy weight, while high-speed slewing motor is widely used because of its small volume and light weight, which is convenient for the reasonable layout of slewing mechanism and can meet the requirements of different slewing speeds and torques. After working for a long time, the rotary motor of rotary mechanism of excavator often appears the phenomenon of weak rotation and unstable rotation. The reasons and countermeasures will not be mentioned for the time being and will be discussed next time. The parts of the rotating horse include: rotating parts, which are composed of cylinder body, plunger, slipper, pressing plate and output shaft. The brake component is composed of rotary brake control valve, pressure plate, friction plate, brake piston and brake spring. The relief valve is composed of relief valve and one-way valve.
       The working principle of the rotary motor is that the hydraulic oil of the oil pump enters into different oil passages to push different plungers, slippers, swash plates, etc. to realize left and right rotation. The safety valve (safety valve) in the rotary motor is installed on the top of the rotary motor. It limits the pressure of the rotary circuit within the set safety pressure range, and reduces the impact when the rotary motor starts or stops. The safety valve is a two-stage design. When the safety valve is opened, there is no excessive pressure, so when the rotating motor stops, there is almost no vibration load. The function of the slow check valve is to supplement the oil lost in the process of stopping the rotary action. In the process of stopping or decelerating rotation, due to the sudden disappearance and reduction of working hydraulic oil, the rotary motor is easy to produce vacuum. Therefore, the whole system needs to be specially designed to avoid the damage of vacuum to the motor. As the key component of hydraulic excavator, the performance and quality of rotary motor are directly related to the production efficiency of excavator. The choice of accessories is crucial.
Rotary motor of Komatsu excavator
       The following is about the abnormal noise of the rotary motor. The abnormal noise of the rotating motor mainly comes from two aspects: the abnormal noise of the rotating motor is mainly due to the damage or abnormal wear of the internal parts, resulting in the sealing surface can not seal oil normally. When the excavator stops, it will make a squeak and rotate slowly. The countermeasures are the same as those for the inner leakage parts. The worn parts and the damaged and invalid seals should be replaced. Rotating motor brake, rotating motor oil filling check valve, buffer safety valve and other faults. Before the rotary motor rotates, the braking effect of the rotary brake must be released. If the slewing brake fails, it can't absorb the impact or release the brake completely, which will cause abnormal sound of the slewing motor. The oil filling function of the check valve can prevent suction. Once blocked, there will be suction phenomenon, causing abnormal sound. If the buffer safety valve controlling the rotary motor is damaged, there will be abnormal noise when the rotary motor rotates left and right and stops. The countermeasures are to check whether the overflow valve and oil filling check valve work normally and whether the design of oil filling circuit is reasonable.