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Function of Xinsong air conditioning condenser

Release time:2021-04-26 10:28popularity:
         We all use air conditioning, but it works because several parts of the air conditioning work together. Air conditioning condenser is a part of air conditioning and the heart of air conditioning refrigeration system. But to be honest, although we all have air conditioning, many people only know that air conditioning can help us cool down, but the role of some components in air conditioning is not so clear. Many people want to know what is the function of the air conditioner condenser? If you don't know, let's take a look at the introduction below. Air conditioning condenser function. The function of air-conditioning condenser is very important. As we all know, in the whole process of air-conditioning work, the compressor can compress and transport refrigerant vapor, so that the evaporator produces low pressure, and the condenser is high pressure, so in the refrigeration system, the air-conditioning condenser is the heart of the whole system; It can have a good condensation effect, it is worth mentioning that it is a choice.
       There are different types of air conditioning condensers. According to the different cooling media, air conditioning condensers can be divided into the following categories: water cooled type: the name of this kind of air conditioning condenser is because when the refrigerant releases heat, the heat is taken away by cold water. The cooling water can be used once or recycled. It depends on your choice. Air cooled: we often call this kind of air-conditioning condenser air-cooled, because this kind of air-conditioning condenser, the air takes away the heat released by the refrigerant. It is well known that air can convection naturally. Of course, you can also use a fan to force the air to flow. Generally speaking, if the water supply is inconvenient or difficult, this kind of air conditioning condenser is often used.
         Water air cooling type: the power of this kind of air conditioning condenser is relatively large, the heat of refrigerant can be taken away by water and air at the same time, but it mainly depends on cooling water. On the surface of the heat transfer tube, the cooling water will evaporate, while the air is mainly used to accelerate the evaporation of water, so that the steam can be carried away faster. Evaporative condensing type: the working principle of this kind of air conditioning condenser is more complex, mainly relying on another refrigeration system. When the refrigerant evaporates in another system, a cooling effect is produced, which cools the refrigerant vapor on the other side.