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What is the crankshaft pulley? What is the function of crane

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           Excavator crankshaft pulley is actually a crankshaft, its role is to convert the thrust of piston connecting rod into rotary torque, so as to promote its operation. Can the excavator crankshaft pulley be disassembled? What should we pay attention to? What is its function? This is worth discussing. Generally speaking, there is a spare screw hole on the lower side of the cylinder block, which is usually close to the first cylinder and is blocked with a plug. The professional removal method is: when removing the engine crankshaft pulley, first remove the plug, put the engine disk to the top dead center of the first cylinder, screw it in from the screw hole with a special tool (similar to a long bolt, but only one section close to the bolt head has thread), and use it to hold the balance weight of the first cylinder of the crankshaft, so that the crankshaft can not rotate, Then remove it with a large torque wrench, and the pulley bolt is broken.
Crankshaft pulley
          The function of crankshaft pulley is to drive water pump, generator and air conditioning pump. Water pump is to ensure the normal operation of the engine and water circulation to achieve heat dissipation function. The generator charges the battery to ensure the normal operation of each circuit of the excavator. Air conditioning pump is a compressor used in air conditioning system. The crankshaft pulley is the power source to drive other engine accessories. It drives the generator, water pump, booster pump, compressor, etc. by means of the transmission belt. The crankshaft pulley is used to drive the camshaft, and the belt is called timing belt, which is used to connect them. As the key function of the synchronous belt transmission system, the tension wheel is used to adjust the tightness of the synchronous belt to make the transmission system stable, safe and reliable.
          Timing belt is an important part of engine valve system, which can ensure the accuracy of intake and exhaust time by connecting with crankshaft and a certain transmission ratio. When the engine is running, under the "timing" connection, the piston stroke (up and down movement), valve opening and closing (time) and ignition sequence (time) should always keep "synchronous" operation. Replace the crankshaft belt. When replacing the crankshaft pulley, replace the wheel first. Remove the right front wheel of the excavator. When removing the wheel, if the excavator is not supported, loosen the screw. It's easier to screw up, or it won't work. In order to ensure safety, do a good job in insurance work. The removed screws should be put in the box, which is convenient for installation and will not be missed.
Crankshaft pulley
          When you remove the tire, you will see a plastic guard. There are three plastic screws on it. Screw them off and set them aside. Remove the fixing screw in the middle of the wheel. It's very convenient to have electric tools and air guns. If you don't have a belt, don't take it off first. Turn it in one direction so that the screw will fall off. Install puller and pull out crankshaft wheel vertically. When pulling, it's better not to use the electric tool of the air gun to punch holes. If there is a deviation, you should know how much force it takes to use your hand to avoid pulling the crankshaft. Do not rush to install a new wheel after removing the pulley. Clean the oil seal on the crankshaft and the contact surface of the crankshaft. Use a flashlight to see if there is sand and rust on it. After cleaning, apply proper amount of sealant on the spline. Always clean the lip of the finger seal.