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Cause analysis of air conditioning compressor broken in Koma

Release time:2021-06-16 16:07popularity:
       In the air conditioning refrigeration system, the compressor plays the role of compressing and conveying refrigerant gas. The expansion valve plays the role of throttling and reducing pressure, and regulates the flow of refrigerant liquid into the evaporator, which is the dividing line of high and low pressure of the system. The evaporator is a kind of equipment that outputs cold air, in which the refrigerant absorbs the heat of the cooled air to cool the air. The condenser is a device to release heat. The heat absorbed by the evaporator and the heat converted by the work consumed by the compressor are emitted from the condenser and taken away by the cooling air. Air conditioning compressor is one of the main components of excavator air conditioning system. It is the conversion device of low pressure and high pressure, low temperature and high temperature in refrigeration system.
air conditioning compressor
        The function of the compressor is to make the inlet of the compressor in a low-pressure state, so that the refrigerant carrying latent heat (including absorbing the heat in the car room) of the evaporator flows out of the evaporator. This low-pressure state can make the refrigerant enter the evaporator. The low-pressure gaseous refrigerant is compressed into the high-pressure gaseous refrigerant. These two functions of the compressor only enter the evaporator. The low-pressure gaseous refrigerant is compressed into the high-pressure gaseous refrigerant. As long as one of these two functions of the compressor fails, the refrigerant in the air conditioning system will not be able to circulate, and the air conditioning system will not work well or be able to cool. When the compressor of the air conditioning system works, the refrigerant is inhaled by the suction valve and discharged from the exhaust valve after compression. The compressors used in excavator refrigeration system can be divided into reciprocating piston type and rotary type according to their motion forms. The compressors used in excavator refrigeration system can be divided into constant displacement type and variable displacement type according to whether their working capacity changes. The variable displacement compressor can automatically change the displacement according to the refrigeration load of the air conditioning system, which makes the air conditioning system run more economically. At present, all kinds of swash plate and swing plate compressors are widely used. In recent years, swash plate and rotary compressors are mostly used, and crankshaft connecting rod compressors are rarely used, while crankshaft connecting rod compressors are still mainly used in buses.
       The structure of the crankshaft connecting rod compressor is similar to that of the engine. Generally, the double cylinder structure is adopted. The crankshaft rotates and drives the connecting rod to make the piston move back and forth to suck in and compress the gas. The cylinder block on the upper part of the piston is equipped with intake and exhaust valve assemblies, and a shaft seal is installed between the crankshaft and the housing to prevent refrigerant leakage. In order to ensure the normal movement of parts, the crankcase is filled with a specified amount of compressor lubricating oil and oil supply facilities. Rotary swashplate compressor, also known as swashplate compressor, is a kind of axial piston compressor. At present, it is one of the most widely used air conditioning compressors.
air conditioning compressor
       When the piston is in the front limit position, it is the end of exhaust, and the other end of the piston is in the end of suction. When the main shaft drives the swash plate to rotate, the swash plate drives the piston to move axially, and the piston moves axially in the front and rear cylinder blocks at the same time, which is equal to two pistons moving in two directions. When the swashplate rotates for one circle, the front and rear cylinders complete a cycle respectively, which is equivalent to the work of two cylinders. Swing plate compressor, also known as swing plate (also known as one-way swash plate) compressor, is an axial piston compressor with reciprocating one-way piston structure. It belongs to the same type as swashplate, and is the most widely used type of excavator air conditioner at present. The variable displacement air conditioning compressor adopts constant meshing transmission mode, and its transmission pulley is equipped with rubber parts. The rubber parts not only play the role of transmission and vibration reduction, but also cut off the rubber parts when the air conditioning compressor is overloaded or locked, so as to avoid serious mechanical failure.